The Chronicle of Munich

1158 Heinrich der Löwe (Henry the Lion) founds Munich
1255 Munich becomes residential town of the Wittelsbacher
1327 Munich destroyed by a disastrous fire
1429 Another serious fire in Munich
1506 Herzog Albrecht IV makes Munich to the capitol of whole Bavaria
1632 The Swedish under King Gustav Adolf occupy Munich
1634 The pest kills more than one third of Munich residents
1704-1714 Bavaria is occupied by Austria as a result of the Spanish Succession War
1705 Massacre while farmers are rioting (so called Sendlinger Mordweihnacht, the Sendlinger murder Christmas)
1806 Bavaria becomes a kingdom. Elector Maximilian IV becomes Bavaria’s first King (Maxmilian I. Joseph)
1810 First Oktoberfest on 17th October
1826 First University
1839 First railway between Munich and Augsburg (1st September)
1846 Munich has 100.000 residents
1848 The Märzunruhen (“March turbulences”) and the affair with Lola Montes force King Ludwig I to resign.
1901 Munich has 500.000 residents.
1918 November revolution in Munich. The last Wittelsbacher king escapes.
Kurt Eisner (a socialist) proclaims the "free peoples state Bavaria".
1919 Proclamation of Bavarian Räte-republic, leader Kurt Eisner murdered
1923 National Socialists try to coup at the Feldherrnhalle
1933 Takeover by the National Socialist Party.
1939 Assassination in the Bürgerbräukellerfails on Adolf Hitler.
1945 End of WW II. Munich occupied by US troops.
1957 1 Million residents in Munich at 15th December.
1958 Crash of an airplain in Munich. The soccer team of Mancherster United is part of the victims.
1971 First underground ("U-Bahn")
1972 The XX Olympic Summer games in Munich.
1974 Germany wins in the Munich Olympic station the soccer world championship for the second time.
1989 200 years English Garden,
400 years Hofbräuhaus Munich
1992 The new Airport “Franz-Josef-Strauss” replaces the old one.
1994 500 years Frauenkirche, Munichs landmark.
1998 New fairgrounds in Riem.