Shopping in Munich

Sport and Outdoor

The major sport shops are Sporthaus Schuster at Rosenstraße 1-5 and Sport Scheck round the corner of Sporthaus Schuster at Sendlingerstr. 6, both located near Marienplatz (U3, U6, all S-Bahn).

The Patagonia Shop is located at Leopoldstr. 47 close to U3, U6 Münchner Freiheit.

For outdoor activity and travellers needs you may try the Äquator globe trotter shop in the Hohenzollernstraße 93, they have also a well sorted collection of books. Take underground U2 to Hohenzollernplatz and exit at Tengstraße. Walk back 5 meters to the Hohenzollernstraße and turn right another 5 meters. Alternatively you can try Därr Expeditionsservice in the Theresienstraße 66. Take U2 to Theresienstraße and walk the direction where you can see the bridges crossing the street.


If you are not happy with your corner shop and still dissatisfied with the next department shop you may try Kaut-Bullinger at Rosenstraße 8 close to Marienplatz (U3, U6, all S-Bahn). If you cannot get there what you want you have to go to another town.


Try the WOM, world of music. One shop is in the Neuhauserstraße half way between Karlsplatz and Marienplatz, the other in the Sonnenstraße, closer to Karlsplatz than as to Sendlinger Tor.

The Scirocco in the Ledererstraße (Marienplatz) was once a semi-esoteric shop and sells now only ethno music from Indian drums to belly dance music and some electronic nature like songs of hump back whales.

A quite remarkable place for bargains is the Zweitausendeins (2001) in the Türkenstraße 67 (U3, U6 Universität). They have the habit to sell CDs sometimes for nearly nothing, once e.g. 50 CDs with classic music for 50 Euro.