Shopping in Munich

Cloths and Shoes

It depends on your taste and wallet where you want to go.

For window shopping and the big wallet with the golden credit card you may start at Odeonsplatz (U3, U6, U4, U5) and look for the Maximilianstraße. You find there all important brand names. If you break down at the end of the Maximilianstraße you may spend your last cash in the Roma. This is a cafe where you wear the sun glasses in your hair at midnight and carry your coat wrapped around your left arm - make sure that everybody can watch the Prada label. Food is good, service is bad, people believe at least in their own importance and the last hairdress is not older than one day.

Ludwig Beck at Marienplatz is a very good address for ladies and gentleman of all ages. The offer everything from suit to jeans, but also local dress, socks, underwear, stationary or CDs. You can also equip yourself with new stuff from Wolford or Palmers.

Local dress is available in many places, simply walk around in the centre. We don’t wear it, so we cannot recommend something. Loden-Frey at Maffeistr. 7 (Marienplatz U3, U6, all S-Bahn or Odeonsplatz U3, U4, U5, U6) should serve you well. Thinks twice as a tourist if you want to buy a Dirndl or a Lederhose, will you really wear it at home?

If you walk along the Neuhauser Straße you will find Hirmer, no bad place for a gentleman. Anyway, the Neuhauserstraße and its side streets has several more or less interesting shops. I suggest you start at Karlsplatz (U4, U5, all S-Bahn), walk down to Marienplatz and switch right there to walk up the Sendlingerstraße.

Jeans Kaltenbach at Herzogspitalstr. 4 not far from Karlsplatz is the right place if your old jeans have to many holes or the new one should already have some.

In the Frauenhoferstraße, right around the corner from Müllerstraße (U1/U2 Frauenhoferstraße or U1, U2, U3, U6 Sendlinger Tor) is 101 T-Shirts. It is a small but funny shop.

It is worth to walk down the Hohenzollernstraße if you like smaller shops. Start at Münchner Freiheit (U3, U6), walk down the Leopoldstraße on the right side the direction to Giselastraße and turn right when you cross the Hohenzollernstraße. Take your time and walk down to the Kurfürstenplatz where you can have a rest in the Cafe Schwabing. If your bags are not to heavy you may carry them to the next underground station at Hohenzollernplatz (U2), this is another 300 m along the Hohenzollernstraße. Otherwise you can take a tram or bus from there, bus 33 brings you back to Münchner Freiheit, if you take the wrong direction exit at the next stop at Hohenzollernplatz (U2).

Younger people and esp. girlies can stroll down the Feilitschstraße (U3, U6 Münchner Freiheit), you find there not only your new disco outfit. From the Cyber Cafe opposite the McDonalds you can send your greetings home.

You will find enough shoe shops in the city center, simply walk along the pedestrian area between Odeonsplatz, Marienplatz and Karlsplatz and the surrounding area. Everything what looks like DocMartins can be found at ??????????, parallel to Neuhauserstraße. Bent around the corner at the Kaufhof close to Marienplatz. If you have trouble to find boots fitting your calf or you find ordinary heels are to high or not high enough or you want to select the leather yourself you can try Hiegl-Schuh at Augustenstr. 113 (U2 Josefsplatz). It is a small shop with reasonable prices for measure made shoes and boots, but delivery takes 4 to 6 weeks. I don’t know if the have a mailing service, but I guess they will do if you pay in advance. New Shoes in Hohenzollernstr. 40 (U3 Giselastraße is next) seems to be a funny place for the girlie and lady. You find there everything what is not standard in length, high, shape or colour. Next door to the gay shop Hard Line in the Müllerstraße (U1, U2, U3, U6 Sendlinger Tor) is a shop that looks like fetish wear, no idea about the quality or prices, but if prices are as high as the plateaus you can expect something not dirty cheap.