Shopping in Munich

Daily Needs - food and household

There is no shortage of supermarkets, butchers or bakeries. Among the supermarkets the cheapest are Aldi and Lidl. There are no 7eleven or other overpriced stores. This means basically that all other supermarkets like Norma, Plus or Tengelmann are only cheap enough but not dirty cheap. The difference for a traveller is not considerable.

Outside the ordinary shopping hours you may buy your Mars bar in a petrol station or a "Kiosk". Prices are high, so avoid this places.


If the supermarket is not good enough then you can try the Viktualienmarkt. It is worth a visit anyway, so take the underground to Marienplatz to go there. The food is close to being alive, fish has sushi quality (best at Poseidon) and it is one of the few places in Germany where you can buy horse meet (watch out for the "Pferdemetzger"). Of course you pay for the quality.

Alois Dallmaier at Dienerstr. 14 (Marienplatz U3, U6, all S-Bahn) is an excellent location for buying food, but the restaurant in the first floor has not this reputation.

The Galeria Kaufhof at Marienplatz is well sorted, as are the food courts of Hertie/Karstadt at Münchner Freiheit (U3, U6) and Hauptbahnhof. You can enter all this places from the basement.

For sweets you can try a Hussel, e.g. in the Stachus Einkaufszentrum (U4, U5, S-Bahn Karlsplatz), one of the many small shops in the basement.