Shopping in Munich

Shopping malls and department stores

There are three shopping malls and several not remarkable department stores in Munich. The Germans call the shopping mall "Einkaufszentrum" (shopping center).

OEZ - Olympia Einkaufszentrum: Take underground U3 to Olympiazentrum and from there bus 136 to "Olympia Einkaufszentrum": The bus terminal is on top of the underground station, the bus stop is about in the middle of the terminal. The bus ride takes only a few minutes. Exit at "Olympia Einkaufszentrum", you will see a Saturn Hansa shop on one side of the street, on the other is a McDonalds. It is nice to stroll around there, you can get nearly everything you want, but you should not expect something special.

PEZ - Perlacher Einkaufszentrum: Underground U5 to "Neuperlach Zentrum". This is a small mall used mainly by locals for their daily needs, you should not expect something special.

Stachus Einkaufszentrum: Underground U5 or U5 or S-Bahn (any) to "Karlsplatz", this is the S-station between Marienplatz and Hauptbahnhof (main station). The city centre is a shopping destination anyway, so you may like to start here. Stachus Einkaufszentrum is popular both among locals and tourists. It is located in the middle of the pedestrian area. If you are not fed up with shops you can walk down the Neuhauserstrasse "Karlsplatz/Stachus" to "Marienplatz" and visit all shops there.

The Euro Industriepark is not really a shopping mall and you best go there with your own car. You may go there if you need a complete kitchen, not something for your kitchen. There are also several discounters what means you can buy the food for a whole family for a whole month. The place is not of interest if you are a tourist, but if you mutate to an expat you should know it.

If you lost or forgot something you can try one of the department stores. As a tourist you will probably run into the Karstadt/Hertie at Münchner Freiheit (U3, U6). The food court is remarkable, everything else not. You will also find department stores at Orleansplatz next to the Ostbahnhof (U5 and all S-Bahn), Rotkreuzplatz (U1) and Silberhornstraße (U2). Tourists won’t have a reason to go to all this places, if your hotel isn’t accidentally nearby, it is not worth a visit.