Kind of Building Park
End Of Construction 1911
Place Karl-Theodor-Str.
Station Hohenzollerplatz(U2; tramline 12, 27; bus 33),
Petuelring(U3), Scheidplatz(U2, U3; Strasssenbahn 12, 27; bus 44, 154)
Line U2, U3; tramline 12, 27;
bus 33, 44, 154

The Luipoldpark was opened vor the 90th birthday of the ruler Prinzregent Luitpold. First it was only a small area with an obelisk in the middle. After world war II people put all the detrital and rubbish remaining from the bombed houses together to build a small hill of 37m. Municipality then enlarged the Luitpoldpark to include this hill to its current size of 33 hectares.