Schmied von Kochel

Kind of Building Memorial
Built from C.Sattler/C.Ebinghaus
Begin Of Construction 1906
End Of Construction 1911
Place Lindwurmstr./Plinganserstr.
Station Harras(S7, S27; U6); Sendlinger Kirche(bus 62)
Line S7, S27; U6; bus 62

The Schmidt von Kochel (smith of Kochel) is a legendary figure from the time of the Spanish succession war when the armies of Habsburg occupied Munich. At Christmas 1705 it came to an uprising , the farmers from the southern counties headed towards Munich to banish the austrian soldiers. They were betrayed however and the attack ended in a cruel slaughter(Sendlinger murder christmas)where hundreds of them died. The smith of Kochel, who wanted crash one of the city gates with his legendary power, is still known among the Bavaria people though his historic existence may be doubted.