Most of the younger people speak English as it is compulsary to learn at school for at least 3 years. The older generation might not always be able to understand English, but nevertheless most of them will be helpful and if you use your hands and your feet to express what you mean you finally get where you want to.

Yes Ja
No Nein
Thank you(very much). Danke (sehr).
Good morning. Guten Morgen.
Hello. Grüss Gott.
Goodbye Auf Wiedersehen
Food Essen
beverage Getränk
Water Wasser
Beer Bier
Wine Wein
What's the price? Wieviel kostet es?
The bill, please! Die Rechnung, bitte.
tip Trinkgeld
I don't understand. Ich verstehe nicht.
I'm sorry. Es tut mir leid.
I'm tired. Ich bin muede.
I'm hungry. Ich bin hungrig.
I'm thirsty. Ich bin durstig.
Excuse me. Entschuldigung.
I would like... Ich moechte...
Where is... Wo ist...
Left Links
Right Rechts
Straight Geradeaus
What's your name? Wie heisst Du? (informal)
What's your name? Wie heissen Sie? (formal)
I love you. Ich liebe Dich

All statements without engagement.